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Grace Sheffield

Grace Victoria "Gracie" Sheffield (1986) was a fictional character on the long-running American television situation comedy, The Nanny. She was played by actress Madeline Zima.

The Youngest Sheffield[]

Grace was the youngest of the three Sheffield children. When Fran Fine came to work for the family, she was the most troubled, following the death of her mother. She was seeing an analyst when she was only 7-years old. She learned a lot from these sessions which she used quite often to make witty psychological remarks.

Then along came Fran. Grace and Fran bonded quickly, as she had with her older sister, Maggie. Because of Fran, Grace didn't need to see her analyst as much as she used to. In fact, she saw Fran as a mother figure. Grace was so devoted to Fran that she ran away to Flushing on Fran's day off, where she saw Fran and her mother, Sylvia Fine. During her adventures in Flushing, she attended her first Jewish wedding.

Grace was called "Gracie" by Fran, and often, she would accompany her to go shopping shopping. She also aided Fran in her attempts of deception, aimed to make Fran look more popular or avoid parking tickets. Grace eventually adopted some of Fran's Jewish slang and dressing habits. Fran even borrowed clothes from Grace quite often. Maxwell adored Grace, and when Maggie had grown up, he took to smothering Grace as he had done with Maggie.

She became an older sister to her twin half-siblings, Jonah and Eve.

Grace accompanied her family to Los Angeles, when her father accepted an offer to produce a T.V. show there.


  • Madeline Zima, who played Grace, had light brown hair, while Brighton and Maggie had blonde hair. Gracie's mother Sara was said to have had blonde hair, while her father Maxwell had black hair.
  • Fran treats Grace much like a daughter and it's possible Grace might see her as a mother figure.
  • Grace is normally Fran's partner in crime, i.e. her look out, her shopping buddy, etc.
  • Grace has therapy.
  • She easily manipulates her older sister Maggie.
  • Grace had an imaginary friend. 
  • Fran mentioned in the first episode she has multiple personalities when she switches from feeling "empty and alone" to happy.