Maggie's boyfriend

Maggie's Boyfriend is the fifth episode of Season 6 of The Nanny. It aired on October 28th, 1998.

Maggie wants to bring home her new boyfriend Michael, but is afraid of her father's reaction and Brighton embarrassing her.

During dinner, Michael turns out to be everything Fran hoped for Maggie: He's a rich, handsome underpants model, his father is a doctor - and he's Jewish! Maggie also breaks the news that she's moving in with Michael, but Maxwell won't let her. He and Fran fight, and Sylvia advises Fran to support him. Fran goes to Michael's place, and tries using "Jewish Guilt" on Maggie, but it doesn't work. Maxwell arrives and they act a scene in which they place poor Maggie as a reason of a possible break up. The plan works and she returns home.

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