Maggie the model

Maggie the Model is the thirteenth episode of Season 1 of The Nanny. It originally aired over CBS on February 2nd, 1994.

A world-renowned model , Chloe Simpson (who happens to be an ex-flame of Maxwell's) thinks that Maggie should take up a career in modeling.


Chloe Simpson used to have dated Maxwell Sheffield but she dumped him. Against Niles better judgement Maxwell is still smitten about her and invited her for dinner. Fran Fine is extremely excited about this. When Chloe comes she spots Maggie Sheffield and asks her if she would like to be a model for her. Fran tries giving Maggie some advice in modeling having modeled herself (She modeled Feet). Chloe comes over while Fran is prepping Maggie and says that Maggie have her own hairdresser and wardrobe. Maggie is completely star struck. While shooting pictures of Maggie Fran overhears Chloe talking with the photographer about how awful Maggie is. At home Maggie's ego is growing as she brags to her friends on the phone about modeling trips. Chloe comes over and tells Maggie how awful she looks crushing Maggie. Fran gives Chloe a piece of her mind and stands up for Maggie



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