Ship of Fran's is the twenty-sixth episode of Season 3 of The Nanny. It originally aired over CBS on May 13th, 1996.
Ship of fran's


Fran decides to go on a cruise to meet men with Val, but Mr. Sheffield quickly changes her plans and buys the entire family (his and hers) tickets to board the ship. While Niles and C.C. fight over who has to sleep in the same room with Yetta, Fran is excited to meet the single guy a psychic said she would meet. Sylvia introduces her to Steve, a fantastic man who is later thrown out of the ship for being a clandestine. Lucky Fran that Mr. Sheffield steps in as her mambo dancing partner and Fran gets her dance on water with the man of her dreams even if she doesn't realize that.

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(Niles is in the ship's casino playing Craps - he loses)

  • C.C.: Hello Niles. I knew you were a high roller. Those Bermuda shorts you wore to the pool were a HUGE gamble!
  • Niles: This from the woman who's flip-flops could transport refugees from Cuba. (He throws one of his chips)
  • Game Host: 7's a winner!
  • Niles: (to C.C.) Looks like my luck is changing. (C.C. leaves, Niles throws another chip)
  • Game Host: Craps, you lose.

(C.C. walks back over)

  • C.C.: Come on! You have two chips left, go for it! Papa needs a new pair of oven mitts! Ha ha ha, hee hee...

(Niles throws another chip and wins - he glares at C.C. suspiciously - throws another chip and wins again)

  • Niles: Are you a good witch, or a bad witch?


  • For this entire season, Fran Drescher (Fran Fine) was nominated for the 1996 Emmy Award for "Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series".
  • All the people that appeared as the ship crew were actually from the show crew, and thus were not credited since they're not actors.
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