Shopaholic is the sixth episode of Season 3 of The Nanny. It originally aired over CBS on October 16th, 1995.

The marriage of her former intended (who threw her out in one of those crushing scenes) turns Fran into a shopaholic.

She takes Grace with her on one of her shopping sprees, where she points out that Fran always buys something everytime she hears Danny's name.

Her addiction causes her to join Shoppers Anonymous. While part of this group, everyone else tries not to mention anything shopping-related, and fail miserably at hiding it.

To get a fix, Fran steals Niles' wallet and sneaks off to a mall. Mr. Sheffield then follows her and tracks her down. In the heat of the moment, Mr. Sheffield and Fran kiss passionately, snapping Fran out of her addiction. However, seconds after the kiss, Fran has what she calls a "Shoppers' blackout" and passes out. When she regains consiousness, she has no memory of the kiss. Feeling it would be to awkward and that he doesn't handle moments very well "because he's English", he does not remind her of what happened. The only affect it had on Fran is that it snapped her out of her addiction, and caused her a craving for a cigarette.