Sunday in the park with fran

Sunday in the Park with Fran is the seventeenth episode of Season 1 of The Nanny. It originally aired over CBS on March 23rd, 1994.


Maxwell and C.C.'s new play has sold out for opening night, mainly to the audience being Fran's family. C.C. sends gift baskets to all the Broadway critics as a bribe, but gets a return from a notorious one Frank Bradley. Upon hearing that his son is in Gracie's Art Class, C.C. tries to force her to have a playdate with him. Gracie doesn't like him and Fran sides with her and tells Maxwell that she doesn't have to spend time with a kid she doesn't like. Maxwell initially agrees, but when he hears it's Frank Bradley's son he sides with C.C. Fran Reluctantly supervises the two on a trip to the park, but when Frank Jr. ends up bullying Gracie, Fran hits the spoiled brat bullies with a baguette. Maxwell and C.C. try to defuse the situation by inviting Frank himself over, but when the critic proves just as nasty and abusive to Fran as his son, Maxwell tells him off and kicks him out of the house. Maxwell is happy that he stood up to Frank, but is scared that he'll give the play a bad review out of spite. Luckily, Frank comes down with food poisoning (caused by the Sheffields' broken refrigerator) on the opening night of the show, prompting a television news team to ask an audience member's opinion--and that audience member turns out to be Fran, who gives the play a glowing review and ensures its success. Maxwell and Fran share their first kiss after the play is declared a hit.

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